Mrs. Deepali Garg

The unique concept of Tattvamasi is conceived by “Mrs Deepali Garg” who is a dietitian and an educator. she has vast knowledge in therapeutic use essential oils and their innumerable benefits and has keen interest in holistic wellness therapies and approaches. She has taken part in many seminars and workshops related to healthy cooking, aroma therapies, therapeutic use of millets in everyday life to cure lifestyle diseases, use of probiotics to boost immunity and many more.

The knowledge acquired by her, has benefitted many people in her contact, whom she has guided for achieving good health and in her efforts to educate and guide more and more people towards achieving maximum health benefits through the use of ‘Sridhanya, the magical millets, prebiotics, probiotics and essential oils, she decided to open her own wellness centre in the name of Tattvamasi, where along with diet plans various wellness therapies are given to the clients for faster and effective results. Her diet plans are different and superbly health yielding because she never compromises on nutritional aspect of the diet that she gives to her clients.

Certain therapies like HALOTHERAPY, PRESSO THERAPY and NANOBUBBLE HYDROTHERAPY are all natural, unique and the for the first time in your area only Tattvamasi has brought them for you.

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Holistic wellness centre with natural therapies

Tattvamasi” –That you are – a holistic wellness centre that is committed to transform its clients into a healthy, glowing and spiritually evolved person, using naturopathy and Ayurveda concepts.

Whether you want to loose weight or gain it, Tattvamasi’s prime focus is your overall wellbeing. When you follow Tattvamasi special diet plan you tend to progress towards your ideal weight and that is what is most important for us.

What Tattvamasi literally means

In Vedanta, Tat TvamAsi( तत्त्वमसि ), is a Sanskrit saying, which means ‘the Self’, in its original, pure, primordial state – is wholly or partially identified with the Ultimate Reality that is the ground and origin of all phenomenon

Another USP of TATTVAMASI packages are the inclusion of various therapies as a part of its packages like :

  •  Steam and Sauna sessions.
  •  Hot and chill shower for improved blood circulation.
  •  Yoga classes for strength and flexibility.
  •  Meditation for mental strength, calmness and spirituality.
  •  Presso therapy for lymphatic massage which helps in toxins removal.
aroma, basil, spices

What Tattvamasi Does

Tattvamasi is unique wellness package incorporates the best services of a “dietitian “and “Ayurveda doctor “and an “aroma therapist”. The combination of these three in your journey to attain maximum health works like wonder.

Health gain\weight loss like a”Tapasya” where the person is constantly struggling with temptation and craving finding it hard to follow the plan strictly and religiously.

What if Tattvamasi turns this journey or” Tapasya “into a wonderful relaxing and rejuvenating experience, where this whole journey towards health, becomes blissful. Sounds good. Isn’t it.

Now a word about how Tattvamasi aims to do this:-

Tattvamasi is inclined to achieve this through a comprehensive package for its clients which incorporates following methods –

    • Tattvamasi’s diet plan are based on ayurvedic and naturopathy concepts that were follows by our ancestors, These traditional way of eating used to keep them healthy and diseases free.
  • Tattvamasi incorporates “nutraceutical millets” and Probiotics in its diet plans extensively.
  • Use of pure essential oils in all its plans and packages imparts unique ‘out of this world ‘ experience to the clients on their journey towards optimum health.


Why Choose Us

What’s so unique about TATTVAMASI

  • Our diet plans are based on naturopathy and ayurvedic concepts
  • Our diets are based an ‘Nutraceutical’ Millets
  • We incorporate in-house made probiotic drinks in our diet plans to improve gut flora and immunity
  • We offer the option of buying healthy ‘millets’ based highly nutritious and delicious cooked meal to our clients
  • We also offer other wellness services to our clients as a part of our package










My name is Paras Ghai , I’m 43 years old, i weighted 127.1 kg before I started my diet, i used have many health problem such as headache , joint pain i felt too low at times due to my overweight, but from the day i have started to take my diet my whole lifestyle has been changed totally ,my current weight is 117.300 kg i have lost such a massive amount of weight in just 53days. it’s been a wonderful experience knowing u n following ur diet..!!!  it’s changed my lifestyle…made me a more positive person……I am highly grateful to you for your motivation all through out so Thank you DEEPALI MAM….SO I HIGHLY RECOMMEND “TATTVAMASI”

Paras Ghai

This is my second time i have reached out to Mrs. Deepali for diet plan and this time the most amazing part was naturopathy and being vegan. The diet plan given by her is definitely beneficial not only to reduce weight but also help increase immunity of body within. Sort of healing that takes place and shedds all extra kilos. Withing 2 months i have reduced 6 kgs that too when it was lockdown and i couldn’t step out for exercise. Go for Tattvamasi – you will achieve more than what you think of, a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Rahul Bansal

Hi, I am Shivangi Bansal, mom of 1year old kid. As all mothers I was too struggling to reduce baby fat……and “The Tattvamasi” made it. It feels soooo amazing. It’s not less than a miracle as it happened with such interesting and nutritious diet. Achieving this unbelievable results, is just wow. Therefore, I highly recommend”Tattvamasi” if you are looking for weight loss, physical and mental health then you should definitely visit the place and connect with Deepali ma’am. I also loved her concept of naturopathy which is very alluring.

Shivangi Bansal



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