Sauna With Chill Shower Therapy

Sauna is a dry heat therapy and in the sauna room the temperature ranges from 70°c to 90°c and humidity level is also very low. Little moisture comes from the water, which ones pours on the hot stones. The benefits of sauna are similar to steam with the only difference of moisture.

Both saunas and steam rooms are helpful in getting your body rid of toxins through sweating. They are also great therapies for relaxation and stress relief.

Alternate use of sauna or steam room and a cold shower can give many health advantages to the body, like improvement in blood circulation and reduction in inflammation. Medical studies have shown that saunas sessions have positive impacts on high blood pressure, type 2diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis.

After exercise, Sauna session followed by chill shower, improves your cardiovascular health too.

Most Gyms and Spa centres provide sauna therapy but they don’t have chill shower, which makes sauna therapy incomplete. At Tattvamasi, you have the advantage of both.