Nanobubble Hydrotherapy

Tattvamasi brings a totally new concept in bathtub bathing experience, which will leave you completely awestruck.

So what is so special about this therapy?

A traditional bathtub uses air bubbles which are bigger in size and float up in the water and then collapse.

Whereas in NANOBUBBLES therapy, a very special pump is fitted with bathtub that releases “Nano bubbles” in the bathtub, filled with water. These Nano bubble are actually oxygen bubbles that turn water in the bathtub milky white. This milky water shows the releasing of Nano bubbles in the bath tub.

These Nano bubbles collapse deep into the water releasing oxygen and heat energy. This cloudy water has particular significance for our skin health.

A Nano bubble bath is like pampering your body and giving your entire body a facial. Nano bubble bath makes your skin feel silky and younger looking.

Science Behind Microsilk Therapy :-

Oxygen is the most critical component of this therapy.

Nano bubbles saturate the bath tub water with pure oxygen, making the water 70% more concentrated in oxygen than tap water.

We all know that the oxygen is natural cleanser. The skin uses their oxygen to kill bacteria, heal and energize the skin cells.

By immersing our body in the bathtub filled with concentrated dissolved oxygen, you let oxygen enter your pores and hair follicles to provide you highly effective results. It actually exfoliates your body.