Halo Therapy (For the First time in Delhi)

Tattvamasi brings a very special and unique therapy for its clients to help them breathe easy, given toxicity in the city’s air.

Delhi is rated as most polluted cities in the world.
With the air quality index rising up to the level of 200 and more the Delhi’s air has become toxic and it has taken its toll on respiratory health of the people. People are suffering from asthma, allergic cough, sinus and other respiratory ailments.


HALOTHEREPY OR SALT THERAPY is known for providing relief to the people suffering from allergic respiratory diseases and asthma.

Science Behind Therapy

First of all a word about this therapy:-

The person who discovered this therapy was a polish doctor, named ” Feliks Boczkowski”. He observed that salt mine workers didn’t have the same kind of lung diseases that other mines workers had. He developed a strategy to provide this therapy in the hospitals and since then this Halotherapy gained success and importance.

Halo generators were then developed that create dry salt environment in a room that gives the salt cave like experience to the person.

The basic science behind this therapy is that the salt helps in reducing inflammation in the lungs that causes spasm of the bronchus. The oedema from the mucosal lining of the airways gets reduced due to salt air breathe in by the person. This helps in normalization of the passage of air through the bronchial tracks, leading to widening of air way passages. This restores normal transport of mucus and the blockage get unclogged in the bronchi, thereby helping the person to breathe comfortably who is suffering from asthma or allergic cough due to pollution.

This is totally safe and drug free treatment helping people to fight rising city’s pollution.

Safety Level of Halo Therapy

You must be wondering if inhaling salt could be bad for you.

Rest assured breathing of salty sir won’t affect your body as it is limited to your respiratory system and does not get into your blood.

The concentration of salt that is pharmaceutical grade salt that you breathe in is extremely low between 0.5 to 10 milligrams per cubic meter so don’t worry its safe.

Salt is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and besides cleaning air passage it also helps in improving skin condition like psoriasis, rashes, eczema, acne etc.

Ancient healers recommended salt inhalation for respiration system and other health problems. Benefits of salt therapy are very huge. Salt levels affects our cells activity. Salt is a natural disinfectant; it is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

We use pure Himalayan salt that contain numerous mineral which are also found in our body and advantage is that, dry salt air is more powerful than the moist air.


Tattvamasi salt room has loose crushed salt spread on its floor and floor has heating system, thus the heat generated in the floor warms the salt and this process releases negative ions from Himalayan salt. These negatively charged ions in salt improve our health and mood.

In our aesthetically decorated salt room with comfortable recliners you will get an opportunity to unwind yourself and feel rejuvenated.

Halo therapy is widely popular in USA and Europe and we have brought the same technology to you in India and in your own city.