Yoga and Meditation

Tattvamasi has yoga classes from Monday to Saturday by highly qualified and certified yoga trainer.

Yoga is amazing it helps people to increase their mobility, strength and flexibility.

It makes people heal, transform and become the best version of themselves if done on regular basis.

We have variety of yoga classes to suit your needs; we also offer restorative classes, pranayama and meditation.

Please Note :

1. Due to ongoing pandemic, online classes are also available.

2. Ashtang Yoga and Hath Yoga classes are also available.

Plz contact at this number : +91 99589 83703

Come and Join Us!

Our class is limited to 5 persons only, making it possible for instructor to pay individual attention. We provide highly effective yoga practices to cure back pain, sciatica pain and cervical pain etc. Say good bye to pain killers as they eliminate pain and not the root cause. Yoga eliminates root cause and you get relief from pain forever.

Yoga is for everyone.

  • Yoga is holistic for your physical, emotional and mental fitness and strength.
  • Yoga is scientific. It is related to your body’s anatomy and its asanas are highly researched and approved by medical practitioners worldwide.
  • Yoga is convenient. No equipment like gyms are needed. All you need is a mat, a yoga teacher and most importantly your willingness.
  • Yoga corrects your posture and provides you strength, it is very important that you practice asana correctly otherwise you won’t get the benefit and that’s why a dedicated yoga teacher is indispensable for you.


Every person’s body is different and you need a qualified yoga teacher to understand this and work on your body accordingly.

Online yoga classes, with people doing yoga by simply watching the instructor is of no use, it’s just a time pass. You need someone to understand the strength and weakness of your body and plan yoga for you accordingly.


Meditation is the habitual process by which you train your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. Amid stressful living conditions, many people are resorting to meditation to calm down themselves and relax their disturbed minds.

Meditation reduces stress, controls anxiety, promotes emotional health, enhances self-awareness and improves focus. Some people also meditate to evolve themselves spiritually.

At Tattvamasi we conduct guided group/individual meditation sessions under trained person.

meditation 2-min (1)